Does your payroll need direction?

Piggy BankPreferred Pay is the direction your payroll needs to take. Whether your business is downtown Fayetteville or in another part of the state, Preferred Pay can help YOU.

When you sign-up as a Preferred Pay client, you will receive your own friendly, dedicated payroll expert. Never again will you need to navigate through a maze of telephone instructions at some distant 1-800 number in order to speak with someone.

Preferred Pay does business on a first name basis. No matter where you are, we will know who you are.

Preferred Pay can help save you money. Most payroll service providers draft funds from your account in advance in order to earn interest. We have a       “no float” policy. This means your money stays in your bank account until it’s truly needed.

Also, you will never be surprised by hidden or add-on processing fees. Preferred Pay has established flat rates for our payroll services.

Contact us today and let Preferred Pay provide you with a road-map to hassle-free payroll processing.

* Preferred Pay is a payroll service offered by McFadyen & Sumner, CPAs PA